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Here's my Story...

My name is Jennifer Jo, my friends call me Jenn. I am a Mother of one, a wife, homemaker, and full-time Nurse. My love for making cakes goes back to the 1970’s as a child watching my Mother Jo make beautiful, creative cakes. She was a housewife prior to her career as a businesswoman and became friendly with the ladies of our neighborhood (Mrs. Lyons & Mrs. Keane). This is where she got started with the baby shower and kiddie cakes, including barbie dolls and carousels. My involvement started when I was a teen with her simply asking me for help (did i mention teen, uggggh) but I think that was her way of bringing me into cake decorating. My Mom was really the one who provoked my creative side and who I learned my best icing techniques from.

My inspiration & my mentor...my Mother Jo
My inspiration & my mentor…my Mother Jo

If she ever made a cake with an error, her response was “ooops, we can fix that!” And amazingly within minutes, you would never know there was ever a flaw. They were truly perfectly imperfect. My first creative cake with Mom was for my friend Stacey Marie for her baby shower and since then, I have been hooked moving from icing to now Fondant. My first cake without Mom was my Niece Ashley’s 1st birthday, Spongebob. Sadly, Mama Jo passed away in 2008, but I know she is still here with me, so happy that I have continued her cake making tradition with my own family! My daughter Josie (named after my Mom) loves watching me prepare each cake and even gets her own cake to decorate while I’m designing. I hope she will continue the tradition as well.

Things to keep in mind:

* We ask for at least 10 days notice prior to any order.

* If there is a specific cake you have in mind, you can provide a photo and we will do our best to recreate it.

* Delivery and setup included with pricing, within 10 miles of Smithtown, NY.

* Our cakes may feature items that are not edible, such as figurines or ribbons. These items will be pointed out upon delivery and must be removed before the cake is served to eat.

* If there is a specific prop that you would like included, we ask that it be provided or we will give you a price estimate for it.

* We’re sorry to disappoint, but we don’t offer vegan or gluten-free items at this time.

Meet the Team

Jenn Noble Gallagher

& Decorator

Matt Gallagher

Fondant Roller Extraordinaire
& Cleanup Crew

Josie Gallagher

Egg Cracker
& Cleanup Crew

These people REALLY love our cakes!

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Linda from Smithtown, NY

“The birthday cake created by Perfectly Imperfect Cakes made my son’s 21st birthday celebration truly special. Not only was the cake visually what I imagined but it was delicious as well!! The next time I need a cake for a special event I will go to Jenn for her creativity, imagination and personalized customer service.”

Linda from Smithtown, NY

Melissa from Commack, NY

“We are thrilled with Perfectly Imperfect Cakes. Jenn is a passionate and talented baker and her cake creations are phenomenal. Her creative designs are truly unique. Year after year I am more and more amazed with her cake creations and look forward for the next occasion to display Jenn’s artwork!”

Melissa from Commack, NY