All of our cakes are custom-made and all are perfectly imperfect.

Who we are

Perfectly Imperfect Cakes is a custom cake company on Long Island. Jenn Noble Gallagher has over 20 years experience making fabulous dessert cakes and other edible works of art such as cookies and cupcakes. Her delicious and unique creations are always the centerpiece of any event! A true family business, Jenn can always count on cleanup duty by her husband Matt and daughter Josie.

What we do

Where there is a party, there is cake…and we love both! Perfectly Imperfect Cakes creates incredible one-of-a-kind fondant cakes, iced cakes, specialty cookies and cupcakes with modern and whimsical decorations for every occasion. From your bridal shower to your baby shower to your child’s birthday party, year after year, you can count on us to make something unique, fun and delicious!

Meet the Team

These are the smiling faces behind Perfectly Imperfect Cakes...aren't we adorable?

Jenn Noble Gallagher

& Decorator

Matt Gallagher

Fondant Roller Extraordinaire
& Cleanup Crew

Josie Gallagher

Egg Cracker
& Cleanup Crew

These people REALLY love our cakes!

And we love making here to view more testimonials from happy clients.

Melissa from Commack, NY

“We are thrilled with Perfectly Imperfect Cakes. Jenn is a passionate and talented baker and her cake creations are phenomenal. Her creative designs are truly unique. Year after year I am more and more amazed with her cake creations and look forward for the next occasion to display Jenn’s artwork!”

Melissa from Commack, NY

Flavia from Huntington, NY

“Jenn is a very talented baker. She has made 4 cakes for my family and they have always been absolutely amazing, creative and delicious! We always receive tons of compliments on the cakes and everyone attending our parties wants to know where they can get a cake like that. We highly recommend Jenn’s cakes to everyone!”

Flavia from Huntington, NY